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THE LIGHT - Esmaa 'Ul Husnaa - 99 Names of Allah
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THE LIGHT - Esmaa 'Ul Husnaa - 99 Names of Allah

Harga: RM10.00

Tajuk: THE LIGHT - Esmaa 'Ul Husnaa - 99 Names of Allah
The Power of Healer, The Protector & The Fulfiller

By: Hassen Meeah
Kod: DN 111
ISBN: 983-046-075-4
Kandungan: 224 m.s.

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* 10 naskah: 2.5kg

The Asma Ul Husna is a gift given to the Muslims by Allah SWT Who wanted mankind to praise Him day and night. The 99 names contained in this book have secret powers hidden in their meaning and they reflect the various attributes of Master of the Worlds. To be loved by the Almighty, one must love Allah SWT. To love Him one must submit and subdue to the Creator. To benefit from the attributes of the Praiseworthy, the Asma Ul Husnah must be recited and in return the benefits are numerous.

Even though recitations or zikr is not among the five pillars of Islam, performing the zikr of the Asma Ul Husnah should become part of the practice of Islam altogether. Rasulullah SAW stated in one hadith, that Allah SWT has 99 names and that whoever memorizes them will go to heaven. "Allah Ta'ala is odd and likes things which are odd.”

In the name of Allah the Gracious and the Merciful, this book has been written to convey the message of the Asma Ul Husnah to my Muslim brothers and sisters. It should become a companion to the Muslims and help them in their remembrance of the Healer, the Protector and the Provider that Self-Subsisting One is.

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